This year, we are making our 2020 Greenhouse inventory available to the public. Due to the novel COVID - 19 virus, we will be implementing safety and social distancing measures to protect both us and you - this inventory list is a part of that endeavor. We encourage our customers - both new and returning - to create their shopping lists ahead of time! This way we can ensure a quick customer turnover in the greenhouse. While we normally would love to wander the aisles with you, chatting and dreaming up glorious gardens, safety protocols will dictate more efficient shopping. 

2020 Greenhouse Inventory


Landscape Trees and Shrubs are NOT available this season due to COVID-19.



Preorders are NOT available for the 2020 season. 

Upon opening Mother's Day Weekend, we will allow email or phone orders for curbside pickup/delivery!


12"Boston Fern, Sunpatient, Specialty spillers

12"Coleus, Fillers + spillers

12"Blue Salvia, Big Begonia, potato vine

12"Red Geranium,Spike, Spiller mix

12"Lantana, Sunpatient, Spreading Coleus

12"Vermillion Red Begonia

12"Non Stop Begonia White

12"Non Stop Begonia Yellow

12"Mocca Orange Begonia

10"Begonia Red/Scarlet

10"Begonia Orange

10"Begonia Yellow

10"Begonia Pink

10"Red Ivy Geranium

10"Calibrachoa Good Night Kiss

10"Calibrachoa Atomic Orange

10"Calibrachoa Red/White/Blue

10" MixedColeus, Filler + Spiller Mix

10" MixedFuchsia Upright + Lophos Vine

14" CocoMixed Ornamental Grass, Red Geranium

14" CocoTall Coleus Big Red Begonia, Ivy Geranium


10"Red Geranium

10"Spanish Wine Geranium

10"Hypnotica Dahlia Red

10"Hypnotica Dahlia Lavender

10"Hypnotica Dahlia Yellow

10"Hypnotica Dahlia Tequila Sunrise

10"Sunpatient Compact Red

10"Sunpatient Compact Pink

10"Big Begonia Bronze

10"Deep Blue Cathedral Salvia

10"Tall Coleus Alligator Alley

10"Coleus Stained Glass Velvet

10" SpecialtyButterfly MIx - Cloud Verben, Lantana

10" SpecialtyOsteospermum Akile Mix

10" SpecialtyShrimp Plant+Compact Pink Candy

#3 DahliaDinnerplate Avignon

#3 DahliaDinnerplate Lady Darlene

#3 DahliaDinnerplate Emory Paul

#4 Park GradeBig Duck Marigold Combo Mix


6"Begonia Velvet Red

6"Begonia Scarlet

6"Begonia Pink

6"Begonia Yellow

6"Begonia White

6"Begonia Apricot

6"Gerbera Daisy Eyecatcher Red

6"UpRight Fuchsia

6"Angelonia Bicolor

6"Angelonia Pink

6"Angelonia Purple bicolor

6"Gomphrena Pin Ball

6"Verbena Cloud

6"Salvia Cathedral Deep Blue

6"Salvia Mysty Blue

6"Asclepias Red Shades

6"Lantana Hot Blooded Red

6"Lantana Bloomify Red

6"Lantana Bloomify Rose

6"Lantana Pink

6"Lantana Gold

6"Lantana White

6"Titonia Mexican Sunflower


6"Sunpatients Fire Red

6"Sunpatients Compact Pink

6"Sunpatients Royal Magenta

6"Sunpatients White

6"Sunpatients Pink Candy Bicolor

6"New Guinea Impatiens Variegated Lf./ Red

6"New Guinea Impatiens Variegated Lf./ Lilac

6"New Guinea Impatiens Variegated Lf./Wine

6"Dahlia Dk Purple Leaf

6"Dahlia Lavender

6"Dahlia Tropical Breeze

6"Dahlia Red

6"Dahlia Tequila Sunrise

6"Dahlia Yellow

6"Osteospermum Akila Mix

6"Coleus Campfire

6"Coleus Alligator Alley

6"Coleus Stained Glass Velvet

6"Coleus Stained Glass Ruby Road

6"Coleus Flame Thrower

6"Coleus Spreaders


4"Yellow Marguerite Potato Vine

4"Purple Heart Potato Vine

4"Variegated Vinca Vine

4"Golden Jenny

4"Sunburst Lysimachia Vine

4"Dk Leaf Lysimachia





4"Nemesia Peach

4"Nemesia Raspberry

4"Nemesia Banana


4"Alternanthera Ruby

4"Ivy Geranium Red Dandy

4"Variegated German Ivy

4"Verbena Pink Bicolor

4"Verbena Purple

4"Verbena White

4"Verbena Neon Rose

4"Calibrachoa White

4"Calibrachoa Red

4"Calibrachoa Purple

4"Calibrachoa Cabaret Kiss

4"Calibrachoa Atomic Orange

4"Scaevola White

4"Petunia Sweetunia Ms Marvelous

4"Petunia Compact Dbl. Pink Rose

4"Petunia Compact Dbl. Lavender

4"Petunia Fiona Flash

4"Bacopa Pink


4.5"Darko Red

4.5"Darko Soft Rose

4.5"Darko Spanish Wine

4.5"Americana Red

4.5"Calliope Med Dk. Pink

4.5"Patriot Bright Violet

4.5"Fantasia Scarlet

4.5"Fantasia Purple Sizzle

4.5"Fantasia Cranberry Sizzle

4.5"Americana Coral

4.5"Dynamo Pink Flare


Caged TomatoesEarly Girl

Caged TomatoesBig Beef

Caged TomatoesSweet Million Cherry

Caged TomatoesSun Sugar Yellow Cherry

Qts/ TomatoEarly Girl

Qts/ TomatoBig Beef

Qts/ TomatoSweet Million Cherry

Qts/ TomatoSun Sugar Yellow Cherry

4" Pepper/ RedCornito Giallo

4" OKRABurgundy

FlatsPepper - Wonder Bell Green

FlatsPepper - Jalapeno

FlatsTomatoes: Early Girl, Big Beef, Cherry


FlatsSwiss Chard

FlatsMicro Salad Mix

FlatsBush Beans


4"Parsley Flat Leaf

4"Parsley Curly Leaf

4"Basil Dolce Green

4"Basil Purple





4"Spearmint Mojito


6"Lophospermum Compact White

6"Lophospermum Compact Rose

6"Lophosphorum Std. Wine

6"Lophosphorum St. White

6"Thunbergia Orange

6"Thunbergia Yellow

Qts./TrellisedMorning Glory Heavenly Blue

Qts./TrellisedMorning Glory White Pearly Gates

Qts./TrellisedMorning Glory Pink Party Dress

10" pot/TrellisedMorning Glory Blue+White

10" pot/TrellisedMorning Glory Pink

Qts.+ TrellisCobea Cup and Saucer

4" potMorning Glory DWF, Mini Rose Bar

4" potMandevilla Vine Red

4" potMandevilla Vine Hot Pink

4" potMandevilla Vine White


Qts.Red Pennisetum

6"Dwf Cyperus

6"Juncus Twisted Arrows



4pk/32 per flatImpatients

4pk/32 per flatVinca

4pk/32 per flatFibrous Begonia

4pk/32 per flatFrench Marigolds

4pk/32 per flatBig Duck Marigolds

4pk/32 per flatDwarf Snapdragon

4pk/32 per flatAlyssum

4pk/32 per flatBlue Lobelia

4pk/32 per flatPortulaca

6pk/18 per flatEasy Wave Petunia

6pk/18 per flatBIG Begonia Bronze Leaf

6pk/18 per flatZinnias


Qts.Canna Asst. Colors


Qts.Alocasia Green

Qts.Alocasia Purple Diamond Head

Qts.Asiatic Lily Starfighter - 2 bulbs


Qts.Tall Heirloom Marigold-Mission

Qts.Goldrush Landscape Petunia White

Qts.Goldrush Landscape Petunia Pink

1 Gal. MixWoodland Combo Mix - 3 Plants

4"Didelta Silver Strand

4"Burrow Tail

4"Lemon Ball

Temprennial 4"String of Pearls

6" potsTRILLIUM 2 bulbs- White, Pink or Red

6"Lily Looks Dbl. YOU - 2 bulbs

Tree Peony #4Itoh Bartzella

Tree Peony #4Itoh Cora Louise


QtsSweet Woodruff

Qt.Veronica Waterfall Blue

4"PotAjuga Black Scallop

4" PotAjuga Pink Scallop

4"PotAjuga Burgundy Glow

6" potCreeping Phlox Emerald Blue

6" potSedum Sunsparkler Wildfire

QtsIberis, White Candytuft


#5Buddleia "Buzz" Combo, 2 colors



4" PotSedum Hens and Chick

Qts. ConeflowerHot Papaya

Qts. ConeflowerSombrero Orange

Qts. ConeflowerFascinator Orange

Qts.ConeflowerFascinator Pink

Qts.Helenium Mariachi Fuego

Qts.Zauschneria Orange Carpet

Qts.Buddleia Buzz Magenta

Qts.Buddleia Buzz Midnight

Qts.Kniphofia Fire Dance

Qts,Papaver Poppy Princess Victoria Louise

QtsDigitalis Foxglove Dalmatian Purple

Qts.Geranium Elke

Qts.Russian Sage

Qts.Allium Millenium

Qts.Dianthus Velvet Lace

Qts.Hosta Earth Angel

Qts.Hosta Brother Stephan

Qts.Hosta Wrinkle in Time

Qts.Shasta Daisy Highland White

Qts.Shasta Daisy Real Glory

Qts.Astilbe Red Fanal

Qts.Coreopsis Zagreb

Qts.Coreopsis Little Bang Daybreak

Qts.Salvia Fashionista Ballerina Pink

Qts.Hollyhock Fiesta Time

Qts.Veronica Bubble Gum Candles

QtsNepeta Persian Blue Catmint

Qts.Lavender Platinum Blonde

Qts.Lavender Hidcote

Qts.Lavender Lavance Deep Purple

Qts.Fern Christmas

Qts.Fern Leatherwood

Qts.Fern Cinnamon

Qts.Fern Painted Giant Godzilla

PW containerNepeta Cat's Pajamas

PW containerMonarda Bee Balm Orchid

PW containerHeuchera Primo Black Pearl

5 gallon PotAssorted Grasses

4 gallonPink Peony

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